TAF advises clients on the best times of the year to visit in order to attend the right market weeks and trade shows. We help our clients determine the length of their trips to maximize time and cost. We book and coordinate multiple appointments and layout detailed schedules with sufficient time for market appointments with current and new brands, walking trade shows as well as comparative shopping. We lay out schedules geographically to minimize transit time, and coordinate schedules so that buying managers can move seamlessly from one buyer to another. We organize fashion week invitations and trade show badges for our clients.

5.Market Assistance

Market Assistance

A TAF representative can escort clients in the marketplace, making introductions to new designers and showrooms, walking trade fairs and pointing out new brands, helping them to maintain their schedule, assisting them with selection and detailing, and accommodating any changes or special needs they might have.  We also can detail collections for our clients with pictures and notes when they are unable to view the collections themselves.


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Export Management

TAF manages suppliers in order to ensure the timely and proper invoicing and shipment of our client’s orders. We help determine the most cost and time efficient method of shipping. We regularly follow up with warehouses on our clients’ orders and shipments. If there are any changes, we inform our clients of any delays, cancelations, substitutions, etc. We work closely with our client’s freight forwarders in order to successfully coordinate and/or consolidate shipments in order to save time and cost.


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Buying Negotiations

TAF negotiates favorable payment terms, trade discounts, exclusivity, stock swaps and mark-downs. We use every opportunity in our communications to educate the marketplace about our client’s brand and promote their image.